General terms and conditions

Requirements for a Tenant

  • Driver’s license, category “B”.
  • Age over 23 years; Driving experience not less than 5 years – franchise of 600 euros.
  • Age over 23 years; Driving experience 3 to 5 years – franchise of 700 euros.
  • Driving experience less than 3 years – service is not provided.
  • Passport or ID-card , driver’s license.

Territorial restrictions

  • The vehicle is given to the Tenant for the use within the Europe.

Insurance restrictions

  • All vehicles are insured with the full system “Casco” (insurance of liability, damage, theft).

Delivery and return of vehicles

  • The possible transfer of the vehicle also in other places by agreement with the Lessor. (The service will be charged).
  • In the office of “JULTURAS” daily from 8.00 to 19.00.
  • Extend rental time you can at JSC“JULTURAS” office daily from 8.00 PM to 19.00 AM by sms or by e-mail: info@travelcamper.eu
  • Camper rental starts from the day of admission to the day of return. These days are settled as full days, regardless of the pick-up / refund time.
  • Camper return rules:
    -With Full tank fuel, full gas cylinders (2*11 kg)
    -Waste water must be released
    -External should be washed
    -Interior must be clean
    -At the time marked in the contract

Payment and “collateral” tariffs

  • Campers are rented only with the condition of the full prepayment.
  • Payment is made only in euros.

The rental tariffs include:

  • Fee for using the camper;
  • Maintenance;
  • Full insurance.
  • On a prior request of the client are provided sleeping articles, dishes.

The tariffs do not include:

  • Fuel and 2 * 11 kg gas balloons
  • Miscellaneous charges that occur during travel
  • Fines.
  • When giving a camper for the rent the security deposit, set by the Lessor, is paid.


  • deposit is returned after the expiration of the rent time, if the Tenant does not violate his obligations under the contract within 3 business days regardless or deposit has been received in cash or by wire transfer.

Minimum rental period

  • Three days.


  • The vehicle is rented in good technical condition and in clean form. All our vehicles are equipped with warning triangle, first aid kit, fire extinguisher, repair kit (compressor and foam to wheels), radio, TV, SAT, DVD player.
  • The vehicle is provided to the Tenant for use on public roads, having a solid road surface (asphalt, concrete).
  • Transportation of animals only with the permission of the Lessor.

Want you to know more about the conditions of the rent and to consult simply our specialist? Call us and we will be happy to answer all your questions!